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Borescopes Repair

With state-of-the-art “off the shelf” materials and highly trained technical staff we can meet or exceed your borescope manufacturer’s specifications and performance.

Tired of Paying High Prices?

  • No high priced, fast talking salesmen with fat commissions.
  • Lower overheads by level loading manufacturing and repair/overhaul shop work.

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Keep your scope running in top shape!

With over almost 30 years experience in the scopes business, we have assembled a Maintenance Tips section to help you borescope or videoscope running perfectly for years to come.

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Need a New Scope Fast?

We have a wide selection of Borescope & Videoscopes Ready to ship today!

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We Repairs Most Major Brands!

  • Machida
  • GE
  • Olympus
  • Everest
  • Fujinon
  • ITI
  • FRS Omega
  • Hawkye